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Experience Sexuality and Its true Essence

Confess your wildest fantasies, let yourself be touched virtually, receive naughty photos … virtual sex is a real social phenomenon. Drop of libido within a couple, rising excitement in front of forum discussions on sexual themes, cat inflamed with perfect strangers cybersex is a phenomenon increasingly present. But why make love on the Internet attracts so many people? Simply because it allows freeing his fantasies without taking risks in reality, but also spice up the daily or turn his sleepless nights into virtual meetings passionate. Impulses, the attraction of anonymity, search for new practices like erotic literature, sex on the Internet seems to make all fantasies possible, this time with a person in front, even virtually. Everything can be written, everything can be said: the screen seems to protect and release at a time.

How does it work?

If cybersex also includes telephone messages, virtual sex on the Internet (See: , or, he favors instant messaging where we mutually excite by words, until inflated with pleasure, the two partners (who often do not know each other), end up masturbating pretending to be caressed, licked or penetrated by the other. To go further, the use of a webcam can add sound and image to virtual antics, while exchanging pictures of erect sex or naked bodies by mail. Exhibition, masturbation, provocation of excitement: everything is allowed. Many Internet users add role plays to their personal tastes. With LiveJasmin those fantasies come alive.

And after the meeting?

In most cases, sex on the Internet remains virtual. Couples are not uncommon, and if they seldom consider their virtual antics to be deceitful, when their partner is asleep, lacking libido or traveling, acting out is seen as treason in most cases. A virtual trend reinforced by the fact that the practices by webcams, mails or messaging are far from reflecting what one would dare to do in reality! Singles, on the other hand, are numerous to “heat themselves” on the Internet, but also to discuss, before considering a meeting “irl” (“in real life”) to see if a beginning of relationship is possible.

A practice

Men and women enjoy sex on the internet as much. Contrary to what one might think, these virtual practices do not concern only single people, on the contrary. Many couples come to see and participate in a sexuality forum or questions, and all the time they come across potential virtual partners or exciting sites that help them to overcome the boredom of their “real” sexual life or the anxieties they cannot formulate.

The limits of virtual sex

If no fantasy is forbidden online, the real challenge is to protect the youngest from this type of virtual sex exchange and to ensure, as an adult, not to give in to the temptation of encounter without to be really sure who you are dealing with.

New “objects” of virtual pleasure

Faced with this surge of sex on the LiveJasmin, brands have developed new objects of high-tech pleasure: connected vibrating panties, virtual sex in 3D, remote-controlled male and female vibrators … something to make your partner vibrate, as if (or almost) she or he was in front of you.